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Business Networking is overrated. Some invited you to their private event which eventually end up asking you to become a member of their “International network” while others were just a bunch of Business Preview instead of a real networking but worst for those which simply an event to get drunk and hit on ladies which happen to be an entrepreneur. Social networking? C’mon you have Facebook for that. People are wasting their time, startups are struggling to get attentions… So what’s new?

BizzDate – Speed dating for business.

Let us admit that we are not Extrovert like some of you. We don’t simply walk on to someone and break the ice introducing ourselves . Yes it’s somehow a disadvantage as a business owners and seriously damage for a startups for not knowing how to start talking especially to a potential client or investors. To help us solve that problem we created BizzDate, a platform for everyone to start a real business dating (for business purposes). “Startup Speed networking’, you might not be able to find your spouse, but you might meet your future co-founder, investor or like minded friends whom to share your startup dreams with. You’ll have 120 second to introduce yourself with everyone. Just like an elevator pitch once the bell ring after the 2 minutes, move to the next person and re-introduce yourself.

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